Main scientific achievements of the department

  • Social and medical regularity of disability in Ukraine have been established.
  • The system of full medical checkups in rural area has been substantiated and tested in an experiment.
  • Theoretical foundations of the Ukrainian system of medical care in the market condition have been substantiated.
  • Foundations, theoretical grounds, definitions of the economics of healthcare as a science have been developed.
  • Medical and social regularities of medical care for rural population have been established.
  • System of information supply of the Healthcare Department have been introduced at the local level.
  • Methods of pricing in the Healthcare System of Ukraine in the marked conditions have been substantiated at the Department.

Scientific seminar "The Formation of Family Medicine in Ukraine" (2008)

Visiting Cycle in the city of Khmelnytsk with the doctors-internists of the Postgraduate Education Faculty (1996)

Visiting Cycle in Odesa (1993)

The staff of the department published a number of textbooks, educational manuals, methodological instructions.